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i Series Extended Warranty

Gold PLUS (Extended Warranty) Package
The Extended Warranty Package covers parts and labor for your IR camera. This can be a valuable service, should your camera encounter hardware or software issues. The Extended Warranty Package must be purchased before the end of the warranty period. It provides coverage even if your camera is used continuously in 24/7 operations.

Platinum Premier Service Package
This package combines the full hardware and/or camera software repair service of the Gold Plus Package, priority service (which in most cases results in only a few days lead-time) and the complete 14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program outlined below.

    FLIR 14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program

    FLIRīs exclusive 14-Point Inspection & Calibration program uses temperature references that are calibrated annually and traceable to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The program includes the following steps:

  • Perform a complete operational check
  • Fusion calibration and laser alignment, when applicable
  • Verify all internal cable and PCB connections
  • Clean viewfinder and check optics
  • Upgrade internal camera software to latest revisions
  • Perform minor repairs
  • Verify and/or re-equalize as needed each temperature range for image uniformity
  • Verify standard lens calibration (others or special engineered lenses, optional)
  • Verify ambient temperature compensation as needed
  • Re-calibration to ensure it meets factory specification
  • Calibrate temperature ranges up to +1,500°C, when applicable
  • Perform quality approved acceptance test procedure
  • Provide calibration label with next due date
  • Provide calibration certificate (optional, extended calibration certificate with measured values)

Select the FLIR i3, i5 or i7 Series Extended Warranty Plan